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Dr. Sara Gagne and Matthew Martinez

Helping you overcome pain and realize your full potential.

At Boston Spine, our mission is to take you from A to Z in your recovery journey. We provide the highest level of care and go beyond what is possible in a standard physical therapy or chiropractic clinic. We are trusted coaches, helping you to overcome pain and realize your full potential, even beyond injury. We are there for our patients during every step of recovery, empowering them to achieve healing and enhanced performance.

Our Process

Matthew helping a patient

Eliminate Pain

Our goal is to allow you to return to the activities you love. We provide personalized care, targeted treatments, and the support you need to leave pain in the past.

Dr. Sara and a patient

Solve the Root Cause

We don’t just treat the symptoms, but address the root causes of discomfort and injury by listening closely to your medical history and using state of the art diagnostics.

Person working out

Optimize Function

We go beyond pain relief to help you optimize your body's function, mobility, and strength. Whether you're an athlete or just hoping to improve your everyday activities, we are here to guide you.

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